Are you a fabricator?

Unfortunately, we are not fabricators, we are a wholesaler. To better accommodate your needs, we provide a list of local fabricators that you are more than welcome to choose from.

Is an appointment required for me to visit your location?

You are welcome to stop by during our office hours Monday – Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday’s 9am-2pm.
We only ask for you to make an appointment if you wish to choose specific slabs.

ISD provides the option of purchasing half slabs. How does this work?

With the option of purchasing half slabs at ISD; the materials will be cut horizontally and will be sold at an adjusted price. Half slabs are a great option for smaller projects such as vanities.

Are prices directly shown to customers?

For your convenience we display our prices for each slab directly on the materials.

How long can I hold my selected slabs?

As materials are selected, customers need some time to make final decisions. In light of this we can keep materials on hold for five business days before we require payment and delivery information..

Does ISD sell remnants/small slabs that are intended for smaller projects?

We have a wide variety of small slabs as well as half slabs for your expediency.

I have settled on my materials for my project but would like to change the surface of it. Is this possible through ISD?

Whether you would like your material leathered, polished, or honed this can all be done through ISD at a set price per SQFT.

Does ISD sell stone care products?

Taking care of your final project is a big factor to preserving your natural stone. Sealers, cleaners, and mineral oil can all be purchased at our showroom or online.

What other products do you sell?

– Bathroom vanities
– Thresholds (4ft-8ft)
– Sinks
– Countertop supports
– Material Handling